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The Orange art groups started in response to a need for artists from various backgrounds and experiences to work together, sharing skills and ideas and interacting while making images or working on craft.  These groups have remained open and inclusive.  The paying students pay a drop-in fee which covers costs of models, rent and refreshments. … Read more


In a post-COVID-19 era, it is crucial that human economies and social lives recognise the interconnectedness of all systems – of all life. Our preeminent aspiration should be a vision of a good life determined by health, empathy, harmony, care, respect, a sense of community, solidarity, and vitality among humans and ecosystems.  We have been … Read more

Jill Trappler – A way of Reading

This essay was commissioned by ASAI. It is the original, unedited copy.    “There are things that seem like secrets that someone is keeping, but aren’t being kept by anyone.“ Cesar Aira, The Seamstress and the Wind[1]   To read a painting, I feel, one must gather some insight into its origins, look to the … Read more

May 2020

Full moon calling   Trio   Beyond the wall Beyond the wall describes a free space where we are left with our imaginings. The walls around us, some self-imposed, some societal and politely, limit us. The walls are guardians of preconception, assumption, education, fashion, etc that we live with.  When we approach these walls and … Read more

April News

Synopsis blue “Synopsis blue” 30 x 20 cm acrylic on board. April 2020 Synopsis revisited Synopsis revisited. 30 x 30 cm acrylic on board. April 2020 Kalahari calling Emerald calling Synopsis series Series synopsis, 1,2,3,4. Acrylic on board 18 x 18 cm April 2020 Series synopsis, 1,2,3,4. Acrylic on board 18 x 18 cm April … Read more

2020 Vision Workshop

Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art

Booking essential Jill Trappler: 2020 Vision 2020 vision: exploring how visual acuity can vary using different approaches and materials – Three day workshop                              Thursday and Friday, 07/ 08 May 2020   from (09h00 -12h00) and (13h00 – 16h00) Saturday 09 May 2020 (09h00 -12h00)                     Course Fee: R900                                               Jill Trappler is a well known … Read more