Summer 2023/24 Updates

There are many special and happy meetings, plus studio work that I would like to share.

I have paintings that I  completed recently. Please look at Paintings under the heading portfolio on the menu. I would also like you to see the sculptures I made this year; Portfolio page under sculptures.

The  Mondays morning sessions at Goldfields Center, Kirstenbosch gardens have been very positive and interactive. Monday the 6 November will be the last session for this year. I will post dates for 2024 soon.

 Our Monday morning WhatsApp group is active in sharing exhibitions, articles and opportunities.

 Thank you to all who contribute and enjoy this group.

The Orange Art Project continues to engage me. The families and artists/mentors are growing through the work they make together. Thanks to all in the team at OAP and Home from Home.

 The Ruth Prowse Board is very active and I enjoy the opportunities that the school engages in especially the development of outreach and part time sessions.

The Canvas Collaborative at Zeitz MOCAA, initiated by the Kevin Atkinson Trust will continue in 2024. I will send news of this in January.

I will attend the Partage workshop in Mauritius at the end of November. What a privilege to join another Triangle Art workshop. Thank you to Krishna and his team. 

Please note the Orange Art Project Summer exhibition at Artscape will run throughout December.

I have enjoyed workshop time at Wildekrans Country house again this year. This year a selection of work from the workshops over the past three years will be on exhibition at Wildekrans. Thanks to Alison Green and Voni Baloyi. Workshops dates for 2023 will be available soon. 

UCT extra mural studies will be hosting their annual Summer school in January. I will be facilitating a practical course. Please see brochure,

Highlights for me this year have been participating in Art Under the Bed, group exhibition. Thank you Vanessa Cowling and friends for including my work in this inclusive and vibrant group opportunity.

Thanks to Margie Murgatroyd, (Africa Nova)  for including me in her opening show at the new gallery.

 Having a large painting as part of the exhibition at Iziko National gallery in the exhibition Breaking down the walls was a privilege indeed. Attending the walk abouts by Andrew Lambrecht added to my appreciating the educational value of this curated collection.

Best wishes and good health during summer 23/24


Thoughts on Printmaking

My first experience of printmaking was at the Johannesburg Art Foundation in the mid 1970’s. I worked with Dumisani Mabasa and William Kentridge. Unfortunately I had fun but learnt a few basic skills. It was a great opportunity missed. 

 My attention has always been on painting but over the years I have had the privilege of working in various studios with master printmakers. 
These experiences have sharpened my way of seeing and making which influences what I do with paint. 
I worked on a series of silk screen prints with Eunice Geustyn and repeated the silk screen process with Malcolm Christian at Cavisham press. 
The Caversham series on this site is specifically about colour, suspended in a stencilled shape. They are monoprints. 
The series including “wake up fish” “singing fish” x 2 and “message in a bottle” were made with Joe Leshoka at LL Editions in JHB. These are monoprints using various techniques including etching, colour layering plus I added embroidery.
The series “Double Take” were also made at LL editions. These are from a series of photographs and drawings I made in the Cederberg from images on the rocks.
In my studio and with friends I have played with various printmaking processes including linocuts, etching and monotypes. Joe Wolpe lent me his little press which allowed me to experiment with various paper surfaces, paint and inks.
Printing is now a medium I really enjoy; it is still fun but there are tools and skills I can apply. 
I look forward to making a new series of prints this year.

View the prints here.

Silkscreen prints made at Caversham Press with Malcolm Christian; 2014

Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art

Silkscreen prints made at Caversham Press with Malcolm Christian; 2014
Title; “so much is returned”.

My ongoing concern with beauty was enriched by working with Malcolm. He had taken an in-depth interest in my paintings and we were able to start our studio work almost with out hesitation.

He suggested I work within a hand drawn, descriptive outline, almost a stencil shape that floated in the vertical format. This became the predetermined shape that contained the inner work for the exploration with water-based colors, including paint and crayons.

The monotypes were made in this way; my memory carries moments of revelation as the prints were unfurled from the press and the drying process revealed the unique images.

Malcolm had taken time finding connections with the paintings I was making and then nudging me through the making process; Malcolm having the skills and information and me exploring and discovering.

The work hovers with the uniqueness of this collaboration and very gently carries some in the beauty that Malcolm and the studio environment infuse; so much of what I was looking for was given to me.

Jill Trappler. January 2022

View the prints here.


Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art

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ORANGE ART group media release

Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art

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Orange art group; I will be working on line and via WhatsApp. Please let me know if you would like to join the general, lockdown group where articles, movies, poetry, essays etc are shared. Or the Monday group where I will set projects and review work. The exchange in this group is serious and supportive. … Read more

Water and the moon

Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art

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