Thoughts on Printmaking

My first experience of printmaking was at the Johannesburg Art Foundation in the mid 1970’s. I worked with Dumisani Mabasa and William Kentridge. Unfortunately I had fun but learnt a few basic skills. It was a great opportunity missed. 

 My attention has always been on painting but over the years I have had the privilege of working in various studios with master printmakers. 
These experiences have sharpened my way of seeing and making which influences what I do with paint. 
I worked on a series of silk screen prints with Eunice Geustyn and repeated the silk screen process with Malcolm Christian at Cavisham press. 
The Caversham series on this site is specifically about colour, suspended in a stencilled shape. They are monoprints. 
The series including “wake up fish” “singing fish” x 2 and “message in a bottle” were made with Joe Leshoka at LL Editions in JHB. These are monoprints using various techniques including etching, colour layering plus I added embroidery.
The series “Double Take” were also made at LL editions. These are from a series of photographs and drawings I made in the Cederberg from images on the rocks.
In my studio and with friends I have played with various printmaking processes including linocuts, etching and monotypes. Joe Wolpe lent me his little press which allowed me to experiment with various paper surfaces, paint and inks.
Printing is now a medium I really enjoy; it is still fun but there are tools and skills I can apply. 
I look forward to making a new series of prints this year.

View the prints here.