Jill Trappler – 7 till 10 May 2021
Wildekrans Lodge; Houw Hoek

Green Mountain info@greenmountain.co.za

“The buildings, garden, and daily adventures at Wildekrans present an intimate curiosity to how nature and people interact empathetically.
For example, a path through the grass, cleared by walkers leads us to a pond, a tree, a bridge, and along the way we find a bench, a farm implement, vegetables.
In this course, we will work from specifically selected aspects of the Wildekrans environment.
The intention will be to encounter an image, receive it and collaborate with the image in order to make a painting, drawing, or collage.
The images will hopefully carry your experience of these specific aspects of the Wildekrans environment.
We won’t be copying, creating, or processing.
Beginners and experienced artists are welcome. Reading material will be suggested on registration.”

5 three hour sessions starting Friday afternoon, 7 May 2021
10 to 12 participants
The package rate will include your course fees, studio use plus three nights’ dinner, bed and breakfast, and two lunches.