I will be using the Art sauce studio on Main Road Observatory on a Monday morning. We will work from a model. The sessions cost R150.00 including tea/coffee. We start at 9 30 and finish at 12 30.

0214471325 or Jill 0825588115

On Tuesday mornings I will be working at the Art Sauce studio on Roeland street in Cape Town. These are open session for you to bring work that you are busy with. I will be working from the course I taught at Summer school this year. You are welcome to join in. 9 30 to 12 30 R150.00 per session.

I work with individually suggesting materials etc. that I think you need to use or learn about. The groups are interactive and include artists who are beginners and artists who are skilled in various techniques and have experience in image making.


During my teaching sessions I try and find what you want to work with; the surface, images and materials that you respond to. The impulse as to why you want to make images is important to me; something you remember, or have retrieved from a dream, a photograph perhaps. Through conversation we begin to make sense of how you see your images and discover how best to make them. It is very much about what you want as there is something quite unique in each of us and images can reflect that. I try to assist you to engage in your practice; it is most enjoyable, the pleasure of making and discovering plus the different ways of seeing that present themselves in the group.
On Monday mornings there is usually a model to work from; this practice builds a reference to clues and tips which we can apply to looking and skills.