Dear All, it has been really interesting watching as new ideas, comments and really exciting new images have been posted on the Instagram pages and WhatsApp groups.

Sometimes it feels a little haphazard as people come and go. There is a lot going on and there is a momentum in the group that is working in different ways. Some people are doing online courses, others have returned to work part-time. This is the nature of the group and it works for me. I still feel the need to apologise for my coming and going.  I do catch up and my responses are often to the artist rather than to the group. Sometimes there is confusion about who is responding to what; this is the nature of what’s ap. It has its own etiquettes which I think we are all managing sympathetically. This is how it is at the moment and until, who knows when?

Eunice Geustyn, director of Ruth Prowse art school is working diligently to get the school in order for students to return. There are requirements that have to be met for social distancing etc. Our group will not meet until July or August and we will have to change the structure and venue. I am thinking this through carefully and will update you with new ideas in June. There are some valuable options.

I will be suggesting a new project for June which I hope you will respond to with as much enthusiasm. Those who do not follow the project and exercises are encouraged to post their work anyway. This may happen weekly or once a month, whatever works for you.  Comments are well received and new ideas will be taken up by some and left by others. Questions about specific images, as I have said before, help to direct the conversations.

There may be a few new people joining us in June and others who had data problems may return.

Just a note on the 4 projects set for May;

The daily image making journaling.

Just drawing.

Describing May.

Composition, starting with four shapes.

There are two weeks to consider how the colours and shapes have changed around us during May. And/or to do a two-week daily journal. And/or to draw from your imagination and to work without reference. (nonfigurative images with or without association.)

Thank you all for the support and contributions that you are all making to the groups; silently, publicly and in separate conversations on social media and independently. It seems we are working with phantoms but this interaction and exchange is keeping it real, for many of us.

Thank you from Jill.


0825588115; send messages or WhatsApp, please.