May 2020

Full moon calling

“Full moon calling”, oil on canvas, 140 x 198 cm. May 2020




Beyond the wall

“Beyond the wall.” oil on canvas, 140 x 198 cm. 2018

Beyond the wall describes a free space where we are left with our imaginings. The walls around us, some self-imposed, some societal and politely, limit us. The walls are guardians of preconception, assumption, education, fashion, etc that we live with.  When we approach these walls and wonder why we feel limited by them, we can make choices, psychologically I mean.  I make my way beyond the walls, seeking a creative encounter with life, in the light or in the dark.

Beyond the wall is currently being auctioned. The auction will be for the benefit of a local charity, community upliftment initiative, Muizenberg CAN, and will open formally, with Lots 1-20  on the 3rd June at 6 pm – 9.30 pm.

Please visit the Artvark Facebook page and website for the detailed Lots.