Reference to the series, “Threshold” (Mbiri, chimes, Kora, gong)

by Jill Trappler; exhibition Trio, Obs 2020.


“Because of the almost figurative representations of sticks and large blocks of colour, It was as if I could grasp a subject. However, this perception was false; I fell into ambiguity and nuance quickly when trying to assign figure and structure. The music came through.

I find this to be a wonderful metaphor for my experience in Cape Town. The more I learn the less I understand. Yet with that, there seems to be a lack of nuance in Cape Town.  Actions and intentions are assumed according to the racial and gender category generalization. This is unfortunate as I think Spaces of nuance and ambiguity are seedbeds for imagination, change and healing. And because of this, Jill’s work embodies a nuance and ambiguity through mark making and colour that is meaningful.”

small keyboard, big thumbs


“ The idea of the nuanced and ambiguous spaces described in Sarada’s response to these paintings is important to me. During the exhibition, I had conversations about openings in spaces in order to get beyond what we assume. This has much to do with listening, (the reference to music and movement is clear) and to working between the notes and with the notes in order to go beyond. The painting, “behind the wall” refers to this too.  In my painting, I try to provide “Seedbeds”  for participation in unravelling the human spirit”.