Orange art group/ Monday morning sessions

Project three

“where are you?”

 “here I am, here we are”.

We are surrounded by new uncertainty and greater unknowns, these days.

 To assist in locating ourselves and each other we started, in the first project with a self-portrait. The second project included another person or other people; people we share our space with or who we would like to share our space with. The third project needs to show us this space; show us where you are or where you would like to be. Place yourself in the space. (even an “illegal space” like on the mountain or the beach) This place may be the space you occupy now, a space you remember or a space you image. Be there alone or with others.

All media; sculpture, knitting, print, photography, clay, paint, collage………

Send images and comments and questions to #orangeartgroup or what’s ap Monday groups via Jill Trappler. 0825588115.