Orange art group: Mid-June update

Dear All, I am slowly adjusting to the reality of not making plans and living each day as it comes. This is not an easy task as reaching into the future is what we do; we look forward.

 We have to stay inward for the winter and be with every day. I am sure many of you are accustomed to this way of life but it is a task, and life under lockdown regulations is strenuous, mentally and physically.  The projects and what’s ap groups have been very helpful to many of us, thank you very much. The need to make images and communicate with one another is significant, this, besides keeping safe and warm will take us to spring.

October, spring might be here, that is when I will consider the Ruth Prowse offer to use the gallery as our new meeting place. I have decided to disregard my impulses and respect caution. The regulations are difficult for us to work with and the risk of spreading the virus is still very high.

I would like to continue with the WhatsApp groups. Some people may re-join, others drop off; let me know.

The Monday morning group is for me to send out information. The Monday morning extra group is for your work and comments. The lockdown group is for exchanging information about videos, books, films, museum links etc. The Monday gallery group is specifically for the June project.

 June project; One or two people have sent images of their personal interruption of the image they selected to work from. I look forward to seeing more over the next two weeks. (Plus, any diary work or whatever you are doing; it is all well received and good for us all to see what you are making.)

 There is work on the extra group too. As Estelle said, the standard is high, and for me, it is really worthwhile revisiting the images; it helps me to keep my work fresh by seeing how others are working.  The new Instagram page is doing well, enjoyed by many. Thank you all for your work and your interaction; politically speaking this all adds to the social solidarity that is much needed. I have not labelled the work as I like the images alone without a name, age, gender, race, medium, scale, date… images. If anyone enquires, I will refer them to you.

 Speaking of social solidarity, I would like to update you on the Orange group house project. The generous donations from many in this group made it possible to send data and materials to 9 homes/safe houses. It has been a slow start but we have seven artists/mentors in place, materials and data in place and all the social workers are on board. I hope we can nudge everyone into action and show some of the images in a few weeks. Thank you to the six artists/mentors that have ventured in.

July, August, September 2020

 I have a project for July which I will send towards the end of June. Any payments for the next few months will be most welcome. This was suggested a few months ago and I am now ready to accept this offer. Please pay up to R400.00 into my account, each month, if you can.  I will keep all the groups open and I am happy for you to show me specific images, with questions via WhatsApp or email. I have had one on one discussions with some people and will continue to do so; I will also manage my time better and try to respond within two days of receiving your work.

Best wishes from Jill.

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