ORANGE ART group media release

Exhibition, 6 Spin street gallery, Cape Town.

17th February to 6 March 2021.

This is the second of a trio of exhibitions funded by the NAC covid relief fund and the PESP.

View the online catalogue here

26 artists from the Orange art group are exhibiting work made during lockdown.

The WhatsApp interaction is facilitated by Jill Trappler.  All the artists were invited to exhibit. 26 took up the challenge.

Work has been selected by Estelle Jacobs, via what’s app. Size was the only limitation.

 The exhibition has been installed by Anthony Cawood as a summer salon style celebration of exchange and interaction; a medley of observations and practises.

There are a range of media, various levels of skill and content to be experience and enjoyed; The work on the walls is supplemented by work in portfolios, ceramics and sculptures.

The Spin street gallery is a large welcoming space where adults and children can slow down and look, discuss and be curious about all there is to see. Tea/coffee available.

Gallery hours; 10 to 4 weekdays 10 to 2 Saturdays and remember first Thursday, 4 March!!

Robert Mulders; Gallery director, 0827468734

All covid protocols observed


Alex Abrahams                              Hester De Beer

Jade Gibson                                   Peter Hendricks

Sally Bean                                       Tyrrell Theysen

Marie Botha                                   Wonder

Karen Poltera                                 Isabel Reina

Gill Heale                                        Doreen Gowans

Roy Bermeister                             Patsy Groll

Ettie Flax                                        Anthony Cawood

Mary Anne Nuis                            Judy Conway

Jean Bailie                                      Maggie Best

Jeff Lok                                            Jean Findley

Bev Rycroft                                      Razia Myers

Lance Gilmour                                Harriet Remmetts