In a post-COVID-19 era, it is crucial that human economies and social lives recognise the interconnectedness of all systems – Read more
During October and November 2020, I will be working online via WhatsApp.  I will set projects and respond to images Read more
CUT Stitching memories from the past, into the present and following the stitches to an anticipated future isn’t a way Read more
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Dear All, I am slowly adjusting to the reality of not making plans and living each day as it comes. Read more
This essay was commissioned by ASAI. It is the original, unedited copy.    “There are things that seem like secrets Read more
ARTIST STATEMENT Many writers, poets, musicians and visual artists have been struck by what is uniquely and ineffably African and Read more
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Dear All, this is a pre-June update as I would like you to prepare for the June project this week. Read more
Full moon calling   Trio   Beyond the wall Beyond the wall describes a free space where we are left Read more