Jill Trappler - Cape Town Art


Jill Trappler – 7 till 10 May 2021 Wildekrans Lodge; Houw Hoek Green Mountain info@greenmountain.co.za “The buildings, garden, and daily adventures at Wildekrans present an intimate curiosity to how nature and people interact empathetically. For example, a path through the … Read More


Orange art group; I will be working on line and via WhatsApp. Please let me know if you would like to join the general, lockdown group where articles, movies, poetry, essays etc are shared. Or the Monday group where I … Read More

Orange art group: August 2020

CUT Stitching memories from the past, into the present and following the stitches to an anticipated future isn’t a way of life any more. We have had to cut so many threads in mid-stitch because of the effects of the … Read More

Orange art group: July 2020

Transposing from images that are not from our usual referencing. I am sending 12 little images from a calendar of Japanese traditional paintings and woodcuts.  Please see the name of the artists, the year and the title of the work … Read More

Orange art group: Mid-June update

Dear All, I am slowly adjusting to the reality of not making plans and living each day as it comes. This is not an easy task as reaching into the future is what we do; we look forward.  We have … Read More