presents a solo exhibition of recent paintings
22 January to 10 February 2001

The Association for Visual Arts (AVA) at the Metropolitan Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, is hosting a one-person exhibition of recent paintings, “Breath”, by Cape Town artist and art educator, JILL TRAPPLER, in all three AVA gallery spaces. The exhibition opens on Monday, 22 January at 6pm and runs until noon on Saturday, 10 February 2001.

JILL TRAPPLER, in this exhibition, focuses once again on the non-figurative in her paintings. This has been her chief area of artistic output in recent years. She has chosen to be free of the burden of representation, of the material. Her concern is with pure colour, form, surface, texture and how these integrate, resulting in composition, structure and the use of space on the canvas or the paper. Her work is never ‘easy’. There is never a simple ‘explanation’ or a ‘message’ or an ‘issue’. There is no attempt at didacticism or the reduction of the artwork to a commodity, no attempt to serve ‘the market’; rather it is for her about beauty, seeing “the wholeness of eternity, beauty, usually unexpected, yet sought after. It finds your heart and your guts, it is breathtaking, abrupt, exhilarating, so fierce, so true that you wonder if you can bear it, but it is in the pattern of things, waiting to visit, in time. Then it is true. So, I try to find moments of this with colour, because it is in life.”

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AVA Gallery 18 February to 7 March 2008 written by Estelle Jacobs

This exhibition of specially selected work, entitled Joe’s Choice, brings together the experienced, discerning eye of long-established art dealer, artist and collector, Joe Wolpe (born 1922) with the creative talent and artistic vision of renowned Cape Town artist, Jill Trappler (born 1957).

Fundamentally it showcases a tight selection by Wolpe of works, in a variety of media from acrylic on canvas to etchings, made by Trappler over the last three decades. It is borne out of a studio showing by Trappler in July 2007 and Wolpe’s abiding, strong interest in her extensive oeuvre.

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March 2008, Seippel gallery Johannesburg

We spent an afternoon and a morning putting this show up. It was not curated or even selected. I had five pieces from Joe Wolpe, three NFS and two others. Ralf Seippel, the gallery director had selected my work, Nicolas Hales and Howard Minnie’s work when he visited Cape Town in December 2007. He and I fetched Bill’s work from Fiekes home. Ralf knew Mbongeni Buthelezi and Malcolm Jiyani’s painting. This is the first in a series of exhibitions of abstract shows that he would like to do.

The gallery is a large warehouse space in down town JHB. The light through the industrial windows is soft JHB light that changes as the late afternoon storm clouds gather. Ralf was very clear on the placing of the work.

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JILL TRAPPLER at Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg 29 June to 23 July 2000

cWell-known Cape Town artist and art educator, JILL TRAPPLER, will exhibit a selection of her non-figurative paintings at the Tatham Art Gallery, corner Longmarket Street and Commercial Road, Pietermaritzburg, opening at 6 pm on Thursday, 29 June and running until Sunday, 23 July 2000.

Born in Benoni, Gauteng, in 1957, and educated at the Collegiate Girls’ Shool in Pietermaritzburg, Jill Trappler studied at the Johannesburg Art Foundation under Bill Ainslie and at UNISA. As a professional weaver, she worked in Johannesburg and London, and on Tristan de Cunha and St Helena Islands. In addition to setting up printmaking and paper mache employment projects, she initiated weaving employment projects at the Philani Nutrition Clinics in Crossroads and Khayelitsha. She established the Dorman Street and Valkenberg art studios and co-founded Greatmore Studios in Woodstock. She has often participated in and co-ordinated the Thupelo workshops, both national and international, in Johannesburg and at Community Arts Project (CAP), South African National Gallery (SANG) and Robben Island in the Cape. She has taught art extensively at Federated Union of Black Artists, Baragwanath Hospital, CAP, the Occupational Therapy Department at Groote Schuur Hospital, University of Cape Town Summer School, and from home in Cape Town, where she now lives and works.

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