Unfolding Her

These images are from the series “unfolding her”. They are mixed media on blankets.

The top piece; “sleep” Mixed media on board, ( Hand woven, hand spun yarn, acrylic paint, embroidery thread). 200 x 46 cm  (R46000.00)

Left; “surfacing”  mixed media on board, (blanket, acrylic ink, spray paint, acrylic paint, embroidery). 100 x 22 cm  (R11500.00)

Second from left; “glorious day” mixed media on board, (blanket, beads, cloth, acrylic paint, tissue paper, gel.) 100 x 105 cm  (R46000.00)

Third from left; “inter dreaming” mixed media on board, (Blanket, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, candle wax, spray paint, markers). 100 x 108cm  (R46000.00)

Right; “rest” mixed media on board, (blanket, stitching, acrylic paint and ink). 100 x 22 cm  (R11500.00)