Familiar places

In November 2012 Trappler exhibited 8 large (175 x 270 cm) canvases at Knysna fine art. These were extraordinary still, beautiful images emphasizing her skill with the visceral, vibrancy of colour and the hovering of embedded line. The 8 oil paintings on paper now at the AVA were made at the same time as these large works. Recently Trappler has been working with a similar exuberance, libido and liveliness with oil on large canvases which relates back to the smaller work made five years ago.  This is the way that her work unfolds through time, finding threads and rhythms that revisit, resurface and explore fresh yet familiar locations.

The abstract painter often has to endure, among other suspicions, the coupled questions, “what is it?” and “what does it mean?” Most of us shy away from answering these questions directly because they are simply the wrong questions and should never, in any event, be directed at the painter. The task of the abstract painter, as I see it, is not communication. It is rather to create a space for communion as in “feel this presence and participate in it.” This is cerebral and sensuous. Cerebral in the sense that decisions taken in the making can be seen and read and sensuous in the sense that the painter’s flavours are evident and exposed. As in Jill’s case:

A bustle of wee eddies

A clutch of tiny turmoils

The scent of rose and lavender.

Ricky Burnett


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AVA gallery

Oil on paper

18th to 28th January 2018

Familiar places x 8


77.5 x 53 cm