On Monday mornings I attend a session in the upstairs drawing room at the Ruth Prowse school in Woodstock. The studio is equipped with easels, chairs and tables. Sometimes I organise a model for the morning. On other mornings there maybe a still life or simply a working session. The interaction between participants during these sessions is where the learning happens. You may come when you can and pay R180.00 The core group varies from between 8 and 12 people; we can accommodate 16. This is a diverse group of people with some who have experience in image making in various media and others who are beginning to translate what the see into images. All materials are encouraged except toxic turpentine. Please bring your own paper or canvas, pencils, charcoal, chalk, watercolour, acrylic, oil etc. the school shop is open during term time. Sometimes I put forward exercises that provide tools, tips and clues to navigate the process of image making.

The first eight session this year will be, 9.30 to 12.30

January 29, February 5, 12, 19.

March 5, 12, 19 and 26.

Please call me if you need more information.

Jill Trappler 0825588115



Monday Morning Classes

Monday morning classes continue through the year; Ruth Prowse, 9:30 to 12:30.

There is usually a model; Portraits, life drawing, you own work; we will meet in various venues during the spring and summer.

Join the friendly, busy, interactive group on a drop in basis.

Just let me know you are coming.

Contact: 0825588115

Brochures can be accessed.

Monday Morning Sessions

Monday morning sessions at Ruth Prowse school  start on the 6th of February and continue through to 10th April 2017.  (no class on the 20th March)
Please see details about the sessions in the 2016 information.

Bill Ainslie

“ I want to teach people to enjoy their art but at the same time to understand that it is a serious study…my main concern is with art. I am not here to teach people to make conventional paintings but to make them realize that there are disciplines which affect our evaluation of what is happening in the art world. I want to teach people to concern themselves with the values that are inherent in art and in what I call painting. Everyone is encouraged to work on what they wish and I arrange special projects for those people who wish to have a better understanding of the explosion of possibilities provided by “modern art”. What I am doing is creating a serious alternative to the university and art school. A different learning environment which is more flexible, more all-embracing without all the stress of examinations and diplomas and degrees. My studio is a place where people can work simply for the pleasure of it. Art works and art objects are not made for capital investment. You might as well put your heart in the deep freeze. To learn properly people must be fully engaged in what they are doing. And it is the teachers duty to keep them engaged. Art is concerned with the whole of man, the whole being is involved.”

“One of the most difficult lessons I have had to learn as an artist and teacher is that I do not know how to make an artwork, nor how to teach other people to do it. The difficulty has to do with getting used to being lost, and of working in the dark. The teaching consists of being a guide, it is more of an initiation than an education, and consists of leading, and being lead, towards the threshold of the unconditional”.

Bill Ainslie

Ruth Prowse large drawing studio

Ruth Prowse large drawing studio. Woodstock.

Monday mornings; 9 15 to 12 30
(R180 per session)
These sessions have a model but you are welcome to bring work that you are busy with.

April 5, 11, 18 and 25
May 9, 16, 23
June 20, 27

June 22, 23, 24, (Wednesday, Thursday , Friday)

Three day open studio: 9 30 to 3 30
(R300 per day or R700 for three days)
Bring your own lunch and materials. We can leave everything there.

It will be a communal work space to exchange ideas and skills in a quiet space away from distractions.
Please phone me for more information.

Jill Trappler
Cell: 082 5588 115
E-mail: jill@jilltrappler.co.za
Website: www.jilltrappler.co.za


Dear All, best wishes for a happy 2016. I have taken some time in sorting out our way forward; having explored various options I am happy with my decision.

You will see from the attached calendar that I have committed to working in the large drawing studio at Ruth Prowse on Monday mornings. I will be there at 8:30 and we need to be out by 12:30 as a new session starts at one. ( you need to take all your work and all your materials and tools away; no storage.)

I like this studio as it has good light and wall space plus they will provide easels, chairs and tables as we need them. It is clean and has a sink. We have access to the kitchen and garden and the library is very good; ( I need to check if we can remove books!) The shop will be open; they provide all the essential materials. There is limited parking inside but parking in the area is available and safe. You can drop you materials and work and then find parking. The security man will assist you. There is  a gallery space and other studios with students busy with various projects and practises.

The price has to go up a little to R180.00 per session. The sessions are longer though and you will still be able to pay per session without commitment as I will not be using the schools admin systems but rather working with them directly in terms of rent. The hourly rate for models has increased too. However if you pay for four sessions in one month you can pay R650.00

There are no classes in March, June and July.
I would like this to be a workshop studio where you bring work to work on and from; ( sketches, photographs, collages, paintings…all welcome).  I will engage with you and your work and suggest ways of extending your practise. The group will assist in this too as conversation about image making is usually very helpful. An interactive environment where exchange can take place freely and with consideration for the work is invaluable. I will however work with a model at least once a month; you can decide if you want to join in life drawing, still life and other projects. The plan is for us to work together in a quiet place without distraction and expectation so that the making of images, in whatever medium  is of primary concern.

I look forward to seeing you all; February 1st there will be a model.

Best wishes from Jill

Ruth Prowse school;
5 Elson Road, Woodstock.

Jill Trappler Teaching session, August to Dec 2015

Jill Trappler Teaching session, August to Dec 2015

The last Monday and Tuesday morning session will be 3rd and 4th of August.
During this session we will discuss a “homework” plan.

Friday 25th of September I will give a presentation of my time at the Triangle workshop upstate New York; time and venue to be decided.

From October the Monday and Tuesday sessions will continue as usual until 7th and 6th of December.

Please see the exhibition project and join in; it will be full of surprises.


“I am ……tree in/on/next to…….”

This is the sentence that each participant will work towards “replacing the dots” with their choice of words after sessions of sketching, research and discussion. This work will be done on your own or during four outings to venues to work with trees during October. (1)

In November you need to work in a studio; (2)

In December we will look at all the work, make changes if necessary and select work for an exhibition at Art Sauce studio in Town.

This is open to anyone who would like to work with this idea; Whether you join the October /November sessions or not you are welcome to submit work for selection for the exhibition.

(1) For details of venues please contact Jill or Art Sauce. We will meet on Friday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30

October 2nd; Art sauce studio in town.
October 9th; Chart farm
October 16th; Company gardens’
October 23rd; Kirstenbosch
October 30; Art Sauce, Town studio

November 6, 13, 20 and 27 Art Sauce in town.

Dec 4th selection for exhibition.
Dec Thursday 10th; opening of exhibition.

(2) Studio work will include working in the art sauce studio. I would like to include workshops using different material and skills; inks, mixed media, book making applique, drawing, painting to name a few. Demonstrations will be given by various artists.

Costs. R150.00 per session.
Exhibition costs available in November

Contact; Jill Trappler

“Yes we are players in a game we can never fully understand, yet what an astounding game it is.”

Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein