“Ninth street women”

From “Ninth street women” Mary Gabriel. “ Artists who were able to , who needed to work despite the desolation of the times, had been forced to look deeper for a subject, to look inside the only thing they could … Read More

Cosmos 1 and Cosmos 2

The two works titled ‘Cosmos 1’ and ‘Cosmos 2’ come from the large body of work:  ‘Unfolding Her’. In this series of mixed media works I looked at the personal and the collective in each image. To elaborate; I tried … Read More

February 2016

Many writers, poets, musicians and visual artists have been struck by what is uniquely and ineffably African, and tried to express this in their work. One feels the African geography and all the people who inhabit the landscape most acutely … Read More

“This is where we meet”

“This is where we meet” An exhibition of paintings, KZNSA gallery, Durban, May 2006 There is something unique about a meeting place, a “metaxy”, where personal boundaries coalesce and open up an offering for interaction and discovery. This exhibition explores … Read More