ARTIST STATEMENT Many writers, poets, musicians and visual artists have been struck by what is uniquely and ineffably African and tried to express this in their work. One feels the African geography and all the people who inhabit the landscape … Read More

Orange art group. JUNE 2020

These projects are the last in the three-month series that have made up our various what’s ap group interactions and exchanges.  The images and responses that have come out of the last months have been informative and inspiring. Thank you … Read More

June 2020

Dear All, this is a pre-June update as I would like you to prepare for the June project this week. I am going to open another WhatsApp group called Monday gallery. The other groups will continue as usual. During this … Read More

May 2020

Full moon calling   Trio   Beyond the wall Beyond the wall describes a free space where we are left with our imaginings. The walls around us, some self-imposed, some societal and politely, limit us. The walls are guardians of … Read More


#ORANGEARTGROUP AND WHATSAPP GROUP INTERACTION AND EXCHANGE.   Dear All, it has been really interesting watching as new ideas, comments and really exciting new images have been posted on the Instagram pages and WhatsApp groups. Sometimes it feels a little … Read More

April News

Synopsis blue “Synopsis blue” 30 x 20 cm acrylic on board. April 2020 Synopsis revisited Synopsis revisited. 30 x 30 cm acrylic on board. April 2020 Kalahari calling Emerald calling Synopsis series Series synopsis, 1,2,3,4. Acrylic on board 18 x … Read More


Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf.   From an essay; Imagining into another; John Elderfield. “One of the most mysterious semi-speculations is, one would suppose, that of one Mind’s imagining into another.”  (John Keats, Marginalia to Paradise lost.)   “ Matisse … Read More

MAY 2020; four project suggestions

Monday morning art group (Whatsapp) and #orangeartgroup It will soon be May and we may be able to walk out; we may be able to meet and hear the voice as we see the face and apprehend the new experiences … Read More

Orange art group/ Monday morning sessions

Project three “where are you?”  “here I am, here we are”. We are surrounded by new uncertainty and greater unknowns, these days.  To assist in locating ourselves and each other we started, in the first project with a self-portrait. The … Read More